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DayCare in Buffalo Grove - Blooming Minds DayCare Center

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Blooming Minds Daycare is a Russian full-time daycare center in Wheeling, located close to Buffalo Grove for children ages 2 to 6. We incorporate holistic approach to the upbringing of a child. Proper nutrition, a combination of active play and daily relaxation techniques, and a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education allow us to create the best learning environment for children.

At our daycare center, children achieve specific learning goals through constant involvement in interactive entertainment and consistent individual attention of teachers. Age specific games, artistic demonstrations, melodic rhythms, and simulations engage kids in a fun-filled and relaxing atmosphere. Such classroom assignments encode reasoning and decision-making behaviors, thus allowing students to learn faster and to remember better.

We use diverse curricula and various teaching techniques. Our instructors adopt teaching practices of famous European theorists, philosophers, mathematicians, poets, musicians, and artists to a modern-day student.


Scholars that inspire us

  • Maria Montessori – Italian physician and educator;
  • Glenn Doman – founder of The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, specialist in child brain development;
  • Nikolai Zaytsev – Russian pedagogue-innovator;
  • L. and B. Nikitin – Russian professors and authors of Methods of Early Development,
  • Jean Piaget – Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher known for his epistemological studies with children),
  • Lev Vygotsky – a founder of research and theory of children’s socio-cultural approach to cognitive development,
  • John Dewey – American philosopherpsychologist, and a major representative of progressive education and liberalism.

Their works have gained recognition of the best educators in the world. And now, our tutoring center brings these methods to parents of greater Chicago to help raise healthy, harmoniously developed, and intelligent children.
Advancing a child’s intellectual, physical, and social development at an early age is the most precious gift from a parent.
Let us nicely wrap it up for you! Blooming Minds Daycare will challenge your child’s inquisitive mind providing a safe place to grow, learn, play, and acquire foundation for prosperous future.




At this stage of life, your toddlers are absorbing every bit of their environment. Blooming Minds Academy fosters that natural curiosity by helping them expand their developmental milestones and by creating a unique and fun learning experience. 

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At this age, children will be working on our BMA Precise curriculum: Preschool Cognitive Intellectual Social and Emotional Development Program. This program offers weekly themed programs with stories, music, songs, physical activities, art projects, and fun interactive educational games.

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Our PRE-K program is designed to prepare your children for kindergarten. In this class, your kids will be taking meaningful steps on their road to taking learning to the next level. We will focus on each child’s social-emotional development, receptive and expressive language, auditory skills…

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BMA Elite Kindergarden

Children are eager to learn and ready to succeed when they enter our kindergarten enrichment program. This program offers a wide variety of activities and materials that will nourish our kids’ creative and logical thinking, self-confidence, concentration, cooperation, and respect for others.

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