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2 – 3 years

At this stage of life, your toddlers are absorbing every bit of their environment. Blooming Minds Academy fosters that natural curiosity by helping them expand their developmental milestones and by creating a unique and fun learning experience.  This program is designed to allow your toddlers explore the world of movement, building awareness, strength, coordination skills, and confidence. Children will be exposed to sensory and stimulating materials, Russian language, music, songs, games, crafts, colorful images, photographic displays, arts and crafts projects, and group story times. We offer to learn in small groups with a systematized routine.


3 – 4 Years

At this age, children will be working on our BMA Precise curriculum: Preschool Cognitive Intellectual Social and Emotional Development Program. This program offers weekly themed programs with stories, music, songs, physical activities, art projects, and fun interactive educational games. We will work on colored shapes,   numbers, letters, cutting with scissors, as well as writing and reading. Your kids will take the next step to improve their skills in basic math, science enrichment, acting and memorization, literature, art, music, as well as etiquette learning and self-emotional control techniques.


4 – 5 Years

Our PRE-K program is designed to prepare your children for kindergarten. In this class, your kids will be taking meaningful steps on their road to taking learning to the next level. We will focus on each child’s social-emotional development, receptive and expressive language, auditory skills, visual memory, fine and gross motor skills. Our children will continue advancing their reading and writing skills in the language of their choice.  We place the strong emphasis on our children’s mathematical reasoning, literacy skills, creative expression and cultural studies. Each child’s mind will be constantly engaged in creative arts, music, fun physical education, scientific projects, and drama.  Our children will learn the concept of teamwork through our group projects as well as work cooperatively on individual assignments.

BMA Elite Kindergarden

Enrollment Now Open for 2019 – 2020

Schedule your placement assessment today!

Blooming Minds Academy has only a few spots left in our Elite Kindergarten program for 2019-2020 School Year.

If you would like your child to receive advanced-level education and establish great study habits during critical elementary age, schedule your qualifying assessment today.

Our highly selective program is appropriate for mathematically gifted students whose parents are willing to become our partners in their children’s educational journey.

One of the top academic programs in the country includes:
• Advanced-Level Mathematics
• Literacy
• Writing
• Science
• Social Science
• Technology
• Engineering
• Project-based learning
• Music
• Art
• Physical Education & Wellness

Your Child will Also Benefit from:
• Home-style food
• Rest/nap time, still important at this age
• Role play and independent time for improved decision-making
• Small class size
• Personalized attention


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