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Travel Around the World

A copy of a US Passport for Children

Dear Parents:

As part of our Social Studies and Language Development Classes (both in Russian and in English), we will start working on learning about other countries. Today, your children received “Passports”. We, please, ask that you spend some time with them and help us make the first page of their passport look as close to the real passport as it is possible. Please, glue in their picture, write or type their name. Please, ask them to not remove stickers from the passport until we actually “travel” to that country.

Our first country of choice is China. To make the travel more exciting, we ask you to spend some time on studying interesting facts about the country at home. As part of their homework assignment, our students have one week to prepare a presentation about China.  Starting next Monday, we will ask students to present their projects. If you could help them create the visual for their presentation, it would be wonderful. Please, use cardboard; include the name of the country and the flag of the country that we study now to the visual. The goal is for children to not just learn some facts about the country, but to also learn the flag of that country.

We will ask all children to please leave their projects at the Academy for a week or two, so that we can share them with other children. Please, ask your child to take good care of their passport, and to bring it with them to school every day.


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